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.fantastiC Cat asks "Montag" 3 questions

1)what's the concept behind the new montag material?
The idea was to write music spontaneously and to release almost immediately after. An album requires fine tuning and a lot of energy is spent on polishing the sound... to the point that when the album is released, it usually feels like old material to the musician who wrote it, which can be so frustrating. I wanted to free myself of that process and experiment with new ways of writing and releasing music.

2)i know u were a big fan of trish keenan, how did her music was in touch with what u create being an artist and a person, not only a musician?
Trish Keenan affected me as a person because we were friends. It was not just a fan / band relationship, it went beyond that very early on. I am not sure how it happened, I guess friendship happens for no reason, a connection that is mutual and felt in two people. I met Trish before I even started making music so I think what brought us together was a shared love for music itself.

3) any plans coming to europe and portugal particularly as montag in a near future?
I am not planning to tour anytime soon as "Phases" keeps me busy in the studio every month. It's unthinkable to start touring before "Phases" is finished. I would absolutely loved to play in Portugal. Many friends of mine tell me that Lisbon would likely become my favorite city. I guess I'll have to experience it one day!

Montag is Antoine Bédard solo project

from Going Places

Thank u so much Antoine

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