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.fantastiC Cat asks the "Acid House Kings" 3 questions

1) what are your main inspirations when writting songs (bands moods influences)?
Before we wrote and recorded "Music Sounds Better with You" I was listening a lot to French music from the 60's. France Gall, Brigitte Bardot, Françoise Hardy and so on and I think that influenced the songs a bit. Everyone in Acid House Kings has a fairly varied taste in music nowadays, but we only put the influences from Pop into use in the Kings. 

2) every single year it's amazing the number of new musical projects coming from sweden, is it something in the water? what makes sweden such a paradise for exciting bands like yours???
Some say it's because we don't have anything better to do. Others claim we inherited it from Abba. I don't quite know, but there's a true independent spirit amongst most bands in Sweden. People do what they wanna do. They don't make music to become succesful. They don't make a particular kind of music because their management tells them they should make that music in order to popular. They make it because they love it. And that's the reason we have a good scene I guess.

3) what do you know about portugal and portuguese music, any plans touring here this year???
Hm.... honestly, very very little. You have to teach us about the scene in Portugal! Touring, who knows...

AND i WILL for sure...

Thank you so much 
Johan Angergård

Acid House Kings are:
Johan Angergård
Niklas Angergård
Julia Lannerheim

from new album "music sounds better with you"

and my favorite song from them, when i found out about them and i was blown away with their distinct talent

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