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this is funny... there's no resurrection (2/3 person walkedo out before the movie was over)

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17 September 2011 | by vrs003 (New York) – See all my reviews
This is the 2nd time in my life that I've walked out of a movie.

Forty minutes into showing, nothing was happening. Except (5 minutes) shots of a monastery, (20 minutes of the beach and the brother surfing, sister sulking (10 minutes). The five or six dialogs are devoid of any emotion; I was cringing in my seat. These can't be actors?

Indie movie this is not. What it is... is a waste of time and money. How dare TIFF select this for the festival.

As an avid film lover, I've never been insulted by the emptiness of this movie. It's not even stupid, it has nothing to offer. NADA.

Sapinho, who also wrote the script, has no business sitting behind the director's chair.

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