terça-feira, 6 de março de 2012

fashion is not ART

a piece of clothing is not a piece of artfashion has a short-livedlasting six monthspiece of art lasts forever and sometimes takes forever to turn into one, and even say that there are clothes that become eternal, they never ceased to be clothing, and clothing is like a human shelter, a second skin, it is a basic factor of our survival or our way of life (depending on how the society we live has evolved) ... fashion is creation, creation is perhaps derived from a more spontaneous inspiration or several, but it suffers from a reduced expiration date  and the disparity with which it is presented to the buyer (the superfluous status it adds to the buyerin addition to the economic vice that surrounds, it's not allowed to be free in the same way a writer who writes a paragraph relating only to him and his experience allowing him freely to invent stories or characters and gives the readers as a second home, a home of endless feelings, emotions, sometimes making you change your life ...fashion that is represented in museums, represent periods or trends created by peopledesigners who have created pieces that have become trends, they could be related to an art period, but they werent an art creation, or because they simply were of an extreme beauty ... but never could be considered works of art because they are presented with restrictions of creativity (the human body itself is a restriction), will it turn the fashionistas on the right way or the wrong way (these days), i do admit you can be an artist and you can make clothes just for fun, cause it is an exciting and spontaneous thing ... just to think of a Mcqueen trying to please Anna Wintour clients and readers it ends up right away something artistic that would or possible could exist ... fashion is embarrassing for those who think and perform it, art is liberating ...

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