sábado, 10 de março de 2012

best from paris final countdown

so i choose in random order
fatima lopes - she's portuguese, she has this thing with this sort of trashy-chic-sexy-sexual, also unexpected that i always love, and we recognize it's fatima lopes brand in a microsecond
felipe oliveira baptista - this guy does outwear meets sportswear meets chic meets urban-casual modern like no one else in the business... his sense of color blocking and cutting, his design aesthetic and trade mark geometric padrons, it's what every cool girl would want
amaya arzuaga - i loved her collection cause it was a perfect reading and also translating an artistic vision from someone else to really really wonderful clothing... i also loves the fabrics she use, and i havent seen those in anywhere else... we were kind of sick of the leather combos
chalayan - just cause his the master in brainiologie clothing. this guy is a visionary in terms of clothing meeting contexts that no one else dares to explore, and he never explores adding layers and layers, he's so clean

ackerman - i think he was really bold using leather in an interesting way, whithout being crazy, we

dont have to add a trilion of volume or a ton of head pieces and stuff to make an avantgarde look

rabanne - manish arora did a wonderful job with those white and gold combinations it's what we expect from a rabanne women, and those metallic knit those were dazzling...
celine - impecable styling, impecable clothes... done to perfection... we can breath modern just by looking at them (i havent posted celine's best looks so here are they)

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