domingo, 26 de fevereiro de 2012

milan worst nightmares

-girls let's hit the road and make some pennies, cause this is the recession... dont forget to shine, clientele catcher, and those shoes... yeah right it has bitch all over it, not in a good way

-you wonder what's a belt doing on a nice cardigan, who was poorly edited... see the bottons dont make sense, it looks tortured, and no one needs a belt to be a boob hanger specialy when you dont have boobs, and then those boots from 1999, with a weird lenght, weird yes but not as weird as the designer show up on the final, was she cleaning the bathroom and then, whoops i gotta go and deliver a collection, by the way who cares i'm fat and wear clothes that make me even fatter (when i supposedly the one who knows how to dress girls all sizes), as long the bitches buy my clothes...

- some seasons i kind of like marni, she's very solid, clean i think she's wonderfull on editing and with color blocking and marketing her brand, i think she was on too much "coffee" or other stuff, due to the
ammount of work with H&M and all that stuff, because you look at this, and you think, what happened, cape/neck piece??? fur, with a big jacket from the 70's grandma socks, and then fur again, with a coat and another jacket with those humongous pockets, oh and by the end of the show she still manages to deliver a coat/cape with buttons you can see from the moon, that's it girl why dont you kill it all over, plus i've seen a lot of "inspirational" (to say the least) pieces from paris designers from previous seasons, wich is not nice


-well with Armani, it's clearly a case of a mental problem... the man is stucked onto this idea of a chic french bohemian style from the 30's 40's most of the times i dont even know the era, "look another hats season, another models pairing down the runway"... but it's not working anymore... and why sendind 70 looks with the same design in different colors??? those shorts, oooouch, weird, any women really wanna have the eyes onto her "vagi area"???

Antonio Marras
-this guy is talented, but i just wanna say that fur sleves into blocking fabric on a trenchcoat, i mean i'm puking that look all over the place, in a trench military inspired look... it's just a fashion disaster

-hey look at me, big house, wanting to sell as much accessories as i can, so dont look at the horrible look i have, wich is in black, how original, so dark orange shoes, that with be great, and a purple horrible belt with matching bag on top of the cake

-fendi i just lost all my faith since i dont know when... i just wanna say, can someone explain me this look???
oh karl, do you even look at the sketches, or you just appear at the end with a lady helping you not falling, hey at least show up with some hot dude, u can get better than that...

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