sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2011

álbuns 2011 top 20 lista provisória

kitsuné maison compilation 12 - "the good fun issue"

ane brun - "it all starts with one"

youth lagoon - "the year of hibernation" 

feist "metals"

araabMusik "electronic dream"

kids on a crime spree - "we love you so bad"

the pains of being pure at heart - "belong"

st. vincent - "strange mercy"

cults - "cults"

lykke li - "wounded rhymes"

cansei de ser sexy CSS - "la liberación"

M83 - "hurry up, we're dreaming"

trish keenan - "mind bending motorway mix" - a selection by the late trish keenan

i break horses - "hearts"

washed out - "within and without"

le corps mince de françoise - "love and nature"

twin sister - "in heaven"

ladytron "gravity the seducer"

joakim  "nothing gold"

spank rock "everything is boring & everyone is a fucking liar"

blood orange "coastal grooves"

buraka som sistema "komba"

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