sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2011

OMG funny funny funny, please get it... u'll die laughing

"Fact #7: White people earn credibility by being into films from
strange countries: “Oh, you liked Sideways? Yeah, I didn’t see
it, I’m really into Serbian film now. They had a great
retrospective at the Vancouver Festival.”" in Stuff White People Like ...

Fact #4: 75 percent of white people believe they either have
the potential to or will become filmmakers/screenwriters/
directors at some point.
Fact #5: White people hate stuff that is “mainstream”—so
they go to film festivals, where they see movies that every
other person in their demographic wants to see. It’s a pretty
sweet way to rebel.

Fact #6: It is required by white-person law that you publicly
declare foreign cinema to be better than Hollywood movies,
and on par with indie film.

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